The mission of the Utah Retail Merchants Association is to advance and serve our members' common business interests and support retail industry in Utah.

The Utah Retail Merchants Association was organized on the 23rd day of August, 1955, at a meeting held at the Hotel Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Prior to that time, the retailers of the state had been represented by the "Retail Trades Bureau" which was one of the Standing Committees of the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce.
Mr. W.P. Dunn, General Manager of Keith O'Brien, was the first President, with R. Scott Dye, Manager of L.R. Samuels of Ogden, Vice President; Mrs. Agnes L. Stewart, General Manager of Auerbach's, Treasurer; Weston E. Hamilton, Secretary; and Irene Jorgensen Assistant Secretary.

On March 14, 1968, Weston E. Hamilton was appointed Executive Vice President and Irene Jorgensen's title was changed to Executive Secretary. They both served in those positions until July 13, 1993, when Irene retired and Wes agreed to continue to serve as a member of the Board of Directors as well as in an advisory capacity. 

Mr. James V. Olsen, was appointed Executive Vice President to succeed Mr. Hamilton at the annual meeting held July 13, 1993. In January 2007 the Association's bylaws were updated, and Mr. Olsen's title was changed to President.

In April of 2010 Mr. Olsen retired as President of the Association and David M. Davis was elected by the Board of Directors to fill the President’s position.  Prior to becoming President Mr. Davis served as the Association’s Vice President and General Counsel.

"The expansion of government in recent years has been a great burden on the retail industry. For the past 23 years that I have served on the Board of Directors of Utah Retail Merchants Association (URMA), I have come to understand the need for the Association. The retail climate that we enjoy today exists in part because of the efforts of the Retail Merchants Association. Individuals need a voice in dealing with government. Many times the URMA has successfully interceded on behalf of retail merchants."

   -James B. Johnston, Government Relations, K-Mart (retired)

"The Utah Retail Merchants Association is a powerful organization that does make a significant difference for the retail industry. I encourage all retailers to join and become involved. Membership is one of the best investments you can make for the future of your company."

   -Scott Hymas, CEO, R. C. Willey Company

1955-56                W.P. Dunn
1956-57                Scott Dye
1957-61                Morgan Sorensen
1961-63                Jules Dryfous
1963-66                Alan L. Nye
1966-69                S.C. Johnson
1969-72                L. Sam Skaggs
1972-75                R. Wayne Bentley

1975-77                Morris J. Smith
1977-79                Wm. James Mortimer
1979-81                Oakley S. Evans
1981-83                Richard Shanaman
1983-84                James B. Johnston
1984-86                W. Kerm Hamilton
1986-87                Michael T. Miller
1987-89                Ronald W. Inkley

1989-92                Dennis Morse
1992-94                Keith C. Saunders
1994-97                Ronald Millett
1997-2000           William H. Child
2000-2004          Robert E. Hale
2005-2008          Kenneth W. Macey
2008-2015           Robert McIntyre
2015-Present       John Hale